Professional Services

Recro proudly offers professional services for a variety of commercial tools in the federal sector. Specializing in providing cleared personnel for federal customers that seek vendor support in the deployment of commercial products.


We employ only the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals so that when it comes time to deploy your product or services, it is done efficiently, quickly and without issue. Thorough pre-testing is enacted so that all potentially adverse scenarios are found and remediated before it can impact the project. For setup ease and prompt accessibility, we utilize automation in every step of deployment so that standing up a system can be as simple as the click of a button.


We stand by our quality assurance and promise to ensure the product succeeds for our Clients. To reach this goal, our experts provide in-depth training and instruction for all services and solutions so that your users have a thorough understanding of the product prior to its use. This enables your personnel to hit the ground running with the new product or system and allows for a better, more efficient allocation of time, instead of spending weeks learning on their own. 

D2iQ DC/OS Services

Recro is proud partners with D2iQ and offers enterprise professional services for all federal customers.


Recro has extensive experience and knowledge with Mesosphere’s DC/OS solution in the federal space. Utilizing our experience with DC/OS, Recro provides can quickly and easily deploy new clusters managed by DC/OS, install custom universes, and provide continuous administration of your cluster.

Cloud Native Engineering

 Recro differentiates itself by offering support for multiple container orchestration platforms, including Kubernetes, Apache Mesos, DC/OS, and Docker Swarm. Our tailor-made solutions are based on selecting the right tools to best accomplish your organization’s goals and can be deployed on your choice of infrastructure: bare metal, virtual, and/or private/public/federal cloud environments (AWS, GCP, or Azure). Our team will get you fully up and running with or without internet connectivity and will utilize our lessons learned across many industries to avoid issues and pitfalls that results in a solution that is fully adapted to your needs.

Cloud Native Service Offerings:
  • Infrastructure/Application Architectural Planning Review
    • Our experts are adept at identifying complex problems that inevitably arise and providing prescriptive guidance to remedy any issues. We include best practices from different categories including security, performance, configuration, and architecture into a comprehensive Go to Green Plan to enable your teams to deliver every day.
  • Managed Deployments and Operations
    • Recro will manage and watch over your platform every hour of every day, so you can fully concentrate on your core business.
  • Cloud Native Infrastructure/Software Engineers
    • Full/Part time resources will be integrated into your team and become invaluable to your mission.
  • Software Engineering and DevOps Best Practices
    • Recro will train and guide your team as necessary to implement and maintain industry best practices for CI/CD pipelines, micro-services, and DevSecOps.
  • Federal Authorization Process
    • Our team is very experienced with implementing proper security and navigating the A&A / RMF processes to achieve ATO in a timely manner to get your project in production.