About Us

Recro (latin: re-invent) how enterprise cyber security operates today by providing holistic, full stack cyber solutions that enable innovative methods to prepare organizations for tomorrow.

Recro’s officers have a combined industry experience of over 40 years in various sectors of the economy: with competence in business transformation, financial advisory, software engineering, communication technology, cyber security, systems integration, IT consulting, and process re-engineering.

We have built a boutique engineering firm specializing in providing exceptional professional services for our partners, integrating disparate systems into orchestrated solutions, and developing custom software to meet our clients needs.

Recro has a deep understanding of the industries it works in, strong technical competencies, and an outstanding track record both in the private and public sector. With our tested methodologies and best practices, our clients get best-fit, quality solutions that exceed their business demands.

With a flexible organization supporting our employees and primed to deliver customized services to our clients, Recro goes the extra mile to fully meet our clients’ real needs. Recro offers our employees the opportunity to support clients as they re-invent themselves to meet new challenges and rise to make the most of the opportunities presented to them.