Innovation that reinvents how WE move forward

Let Recro LLC reinvent how you operate today by providing holistic, full stack solutions that enable innovative methods to prepare your organization for tomorrow's challenges.  


We work to leverage your existing architecture and tools to maximize your investments, while also providing new insights enabled by use case driven integrations.


Develop, deploy and maintain a solution tailored to your needs and provide analysis, recommendations, and strategy to enable informed decision making.


At the most critical moments of change, we’re there. Bringing the best of breed technologies resources, solutions, and expertise to help our clients take on some of the world’s biggest challenges.

What we do

Recro brings critical thinkers and innovators together with the right technologies to solve our clients’ biggest challenges.

We solve the challenges of civilian, DoD, IC federal agencies & commercial customers

Ensuring our clients receive the highest level of quality and support

We provide our clients with the gold standard in quality assurance and provide competent, highly skilled, and experienced staff to deploy your products. We strive to exceed your standards and goals to set a standard of excellence in all our strategic partnerships. 

Providing the right solutions begins with the right training & the right team

Recro provides a combination of expertise and knowledge that can only be gained from years of hands-on expertise in leveraging and deploying a broad range of customized integrations into your existing tools and processes.

The future begins with you. Begin your career with Recro.